"Whenever you are on the edge of revealing something important in your past, you stall, voicing suspicions of my questions because you are afraid, because you are reluctant to face your past."

This statement is Brint defense against Adam's accusations that Brint is trying to make Adam betray his father's information in TAPEOZK012 (Section 7). Brint attempts to further manipulate Adam into revealing the information, if he has it, regarding his father's knowledge. The quote shows Brint's sinister persistence undercuts the pretend help he offers to Adam, in his quest to "guide" him to the truth. Making it more complicated is that Adam does actually exhibit signs of fear whenever he gets too close to the truth. Brint uses this fear to manipulate Adam into thinking he needs Brint to figure out his identity and find his past. Brint is the most corrupt authority figure in a novel teeming with corruption, betraying a boy in need of a nurturing parental figure.