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Where does Alfred work?

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Why do Major, Hollis and James choose the Epsteins' store to break into?

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Why doesn't Alfred warn them about the alarm system?

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What do Major and Hollis to do Alfred after James gets caught trying to rob the store?

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What first prompts Alfred to think about going to the gym?

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Why does Alfred give up on boxing in the beginning of the book?

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When Alfred sees James at the clubhouse, what does he learn?

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Why does Alfred decide to start training again?

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What happens to Willie Streeter after he loses the fight in the beginning of the book?

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What is Jelly Belly's limitation as a boxer?

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Why does Spoon stop boxing?

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What does Aunt Pearl think about Alfred's boxing?

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What does Aunt Pearl try to do to dissuade Alfred from boxing?

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What do Major and Hollis want Alfred to do to the Epsteins?

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How many matches does Alfred win?

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What haunts Alfred about his match against Griffin?

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Why does Alfred suddenly get along with his cousin Jeff?

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What activity does Alfred considering getting involved in toward the end of the book?

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What does Mr. Epstein do to show Alfred his support of Alfred's boxing career?

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What added responsibility does Mr. Epstein give Alfred at the store?

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Why does Mr. Donatelli believe that Alfred is not cut out to be a boxer?

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What prevented Mr. Epstein from being a champion boxer?

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What is the result of Alfred's fight against Elston Hubbard?

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Why does Elston Hubbard hug Alfred at the end of their fight?