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From whom does Raskolnikov get the ax that he uses to kill Alyona Ivanovna and Lizaveta?

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Why is Raskolnikov immediately opposed to the marriage of his sister to Luzhin?

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When Raskolnikov first meets him, why is Marmeladov afraid to return to his home?

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Why does Raskolnikov kill Lizaveta?

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What does Sonya do to support her family?

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What is Porfiry Petrovich’s first clue that Raskolnikov might be the killer?

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Crime and Punishment was initially published in

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Where does Raskolnikov meet the drunk civil official Marmeladov?

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What event tarnished Dunya’s reputation in her hometown?

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What does Raskolnikov overhear in the Haymarket that clinches his resolve to kill Alyona?

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Where does Raskolnikov ultimately hide the goods that he steals from Alyona?

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Which nightmare does Raskolnikov mistake for reality, even after waking up?

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Who takes care of Raskolnikov during his sickness after the murder?

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What is the name of the café in which Raskolnikov jokes with Zamyotov about having murdered Alyona and Lizaveta?

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How does Marmeladov die?

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What is the main reason that Sonya first visits Raskolnikov in his apartment?

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During their first conversation, what question does Porfiry Petrovich ask Raskolnikov that he thinks is a trap?

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What event at the end of Part III makes Raskolnikov think that someone has evidence that he is the murderer?

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What does Svidrigailov say during their first conversation that convinces Raskolnikov that Svidrigailov is losing his mind?

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Why does Dunya break her engagement with Luzhin?

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What business does Razumikhin propose that he, Dunya, and Raskolnikov go into?

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What biblical story does Raskolnikov order Sonya to read to him?

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What is the name of the painter who confesses to the murders just as Raskolnikov is about to break under Porfiry Petrovich’s pressure?

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How does Luzhin try to discredit Sonya and, by association, Raskolnikov?

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Why does Svidrigailov allow Dunya to escape from his apartment after attempting to rape her?