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When Crusoe eats eggs on the island, from what animal do they come?

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Which of the following describes Robinson Crusoe’s place in his family?

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Crusoe names his servant Friday in honor of what?

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In what century is Robinson Crusoe set?

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Where does Crusoe serve as a slave?

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To what does the name Xury refer?

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How does Crusoe first grow grain on the island?

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To what does the name Poll refer?

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Of what nationality are the mutineers on the ship that arrives?

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What does Crusoe do after drinking a rum and tobacco mixture?

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Why is Friday excited when he sees the cannibals’ captive in the boat?

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Crusoe is frightened in a cave when he sees whose eyes?

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Why does Crusoe’s first attempt at making a canoe fail?

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What livestock makes up Robinson’s meat supply on the island?

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To what does the name Benamuckee refer?

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Crusoe’s father wishes his son to go into which profession?

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How does Crusoe impress the natives on the African coast?

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The cross that Crusoe erects on the island serves as what?

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When Crusoe departs on his second trading voyage, with whom does he leaves some of his money?

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To what does the name Sallee refer?

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In Europe, Crusoe encounters ravenous wolves in which country?

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Which type of fruit does Crusoe learn how to dry?

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Two years after discovering the footprint, with what does Crusoe find the shore strewn?

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After returning to England, what does Crusoe find out about his family?

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Why doesn’t Crusoe take his wife back to the island with him?