Although Dandelion Wine is primarily about a twelve-year-old boy, there are a host of older characters in the book. What is the role of the older people in the book? What are the contrasts between the way that old people view the world and they way that children view the world? Please mention at least three different older characters.

What is the role of the Lonely One in the novel? Take into account his role both as a man who was killed by Lavinia Nebbs and as a force that the boys believe is still alive.

Helen Loomis, Colonel Freeleigh, and Great-grandma Spaulding all die happy. Assess how Bradbury makes death all right for each of these characters and then draw some conclusions about the role of death in Dandelion Wine.

Leo Auffmann discovers that the true Happiness Machine is his family. Assess the role of family in Dandelion Wine from the perspective of at least three different characters.

Is Dandelion Wine a realistic novel? Does Douglas Spaulding represent all twelve year old boys? Defend each answer taking into account possible counterarguments.

Bradbury uses a lot of imagery in this novel. In what ways does his language mirror the content of the novel? Please refer to a few specific passages.