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What is the name of the electric car that Douglas liked to ride in?

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What does Lavinia Nebbs use to kill the Lonely One?

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Who buys the grass that does not need to be cut?

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Who is the Time Machine?

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Who moves to Milwaukee?

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Who figures out that old people were never children?

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Where does the town meet the wilderness?

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Who sells Douglas his shoes?

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Who is accused of using witchcraft?

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Who decides that parents and children are from different races?

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Who helps Tom and Douglas bring back the Tarot Witch?

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Who is with Mother when she is very frightened?

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Who says that you live on in your family?

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Who sees the past and future in the patterns on the rugs?

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Who is always elected president of the Honeysuckle Ladies Lodge?

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Where does Colonel Freeleigh call the day that he dies?

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What flavor of ice cream does Helen Loomis hear Bill Forrester order?

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Who takes Douglas and Tom into the forest to get grapes?

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What year is it in the book?

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How old is Tom Spaulding?

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Who gives Douglas two bottles of air?

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Who causes Grandma Spaulding to lose her ability to cook?

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Who drove the trolley?

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Where does the book take place?

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Who writes for the newspaper?