Summary: October

After Greg and Rowley attend the Crossland haunted house and are frightened by a fake chainsaw, they decide to build their own haunted house in Rowley’s basement and charge admission. They only have time to make two parts: the Hall of Screams (a bed) and the Lake of Blood (a pool of ketchup). A few kids show up, but when one crawls under the bed, the boys get caught by Rowley’s father, who shuts the whole enterprise down and grounds Rowley for a week. 

Greg feels jealous of Rowley’s store-bought knight costume, but he is delighted when his mother gives him a pirate costume. The trouble is, Greg’s mother wants him to take Manny trick-or-treating. Later that evening, Greg and Rowley go trick-or-treating alone. They collect lots of candy, but they also get soaked by high schoolers in a truck. When Greg and Rowley threaten to call the cops, the teenagers chase them. Greg and Rowley hide in Greg’s Gramma’s house and call Greg’s mother to say they want to spend the night there. Greg’s mother, however, insists they come home. When they do, Greg’s dad soaks them in the driveway. Greg says that next Halloween, he will stay home.