Summary: February

When it snows, Greg and Rowley want to set the world’s record for the tallest snowman, so they roll a huge snowball, pulling up the sod that Greg’s dad recently laid down in the yard. It stops snowing before they make much progress, and Greg gets in trouble when he kicks over Manny’s little snowman. The Whirley Street kids ambush Greg and Rowley by sledding by and knocking them down. At school, the school paper needs a new cartoonist, and Greg decides he wants the job. He and Rowley create cartoons that all end with “Zoo-Wee Mama!” but Greg tires of them. Instead, he creates his own cartoon character called Creighton the Cretin, submits several samples, and wins the position. However, Mr. Ira revises Greg’s masterpiece into a comic that promotes math, and once again, Greg does not achieve the fame he craves.