Summary: March

A parent reports that Rowley has teased the kindergarteners, but it was actually Greg (wearing Rowley’s coat) who chased them with a worm on a stick. When Mr. Winsky, the teacher in charge of Safety Patrol, scolds Rowley and takes away his Safety Patrol badge for a week, Greg wonders if he should confess. After his mother advises him to do the right thing, Greg decides to let Rowley take the blame. Rowley tells on Greg, who gets permanently relieved of his duties while Rowley gets a promotion. 

Analysis: March

Greg continues to demonstrate immaturity and self-centeredness at this point in the story. After the incident with the kindergarteners, Greg’s mom shows her strong morals when she encourages Greg to “do the right thing.” She means that Greg should prioritize others and their feelings over himself. However, for Greg, doing the “right thing” means staying silent and letting Rowley get in trouble. Greg’s self-centeredness clouds his ability to understand Rowley’s anger. When Greg expects Rowley to cover for him in Mr. Winsky’s office, readers again see Greg views relationships in terms of what Greg gets out of them. He still hasn’t learned to appreciate and maintain authentic friendships. His friendship with Rowley suffers from because Greg is unable to admit when he has made a mistake and accept the consequences. He protects himself instead of helping his friend. Greg only begins to understand the damage he caused in his friendship with Rowley when Greg loses his hot chocolate privileges. However, Greg does not feel remorse for his actions. Greg’s inability to see beyond his own wants illustrates his immaturity.