Summary: April

Rowley begins ignoring Greg and gets a new best friend, Collin Lee. When Rowley has a sleepover with Collin, Greg retaliates by going to Fregley’s house for a sleepover. When Fregley eats a bag of jelly beans and becomes manic, Greg locks himself in the bathroom until Fregley passes a note under the door with a booger on it. Greg blacks out, wakes up at 2:00 a.m., and goes home. Soon after, Greg sees Rodrick’s middle school yearbook and decides that he wants to be named one of the Class Favorites. He thinks he will try to be Class Clown and starts to make a plan.

Analysis: April

Greg’s April entries reveals that he doesn’t truly understand how friendships work. Greg’s reference to Collin as Rowley’s “back-up friend” illustrates his jealousy at Rowley’s chosen friendship, with a boy who, according to Greg, is “socially inferior.” His reaction to Rowley’s new friendship as well as his failure at forming a friendship with Fregley help Greg realize the importance of Rowley and his friendship. Apparently, Greg is capable of genuinely caring about others. However, Greg’s desire to be class clown shows that he still believes popularity is something he can achieve through a shortcut. Greg still does not understand that kids become popular by developing meaningful friendships with one another and connecting through shared interests. His friendship with Rowley occurred by default when Rowley’s family moved into Greg’s neighborhood. Greg has never put effort into making friends. He believes being the class clown will automatically bring the admiration and respect he wants from his peers.