Summary: January

Greg and Rowley invent a game for the Big Wheel in which Greg throws a football at Rowley as he rides down a hill. After a while, Rowley wants to trade places, but Greg refuses. The next time he and Rowley play the Big Wheel game, Rowley breaks his hand in a fall. When Rowley becomes popular at school with his cast, Greg tries wrapping his hand in gauze and faking an infection, but it doesn’t get him the attention he wants. 

As the third quarter begins at school, Greg signs up for Independent Study, and his class is assigned to build a robot. The boys and girls cannot agree, so they split into two groups. The class gets canceled, however, when the teacher finds a list the boys made of all the words that the robot should not say. Greg and Rowley sign up for Safety Patrol and are assigned to walking kindergarteners home halfway through the day. Greg feels happy because the job means that they will miss most of his pre-algebra class.