Summary: May

Greg’s history teacher announces that they will have a substitute, and Greg considers it the perfect opportunity to play a trick and become Class Clown. However, his plan is foiled when his own mother shows up to substitute. Rowley becomes the new cartoonist for the school paper, and “Zoo-Wee Mama!” makes him popular. When Greg confronts Rowley about stealing his idea, the former friends argue and nearly fight on the playground, egged on by other kids. When the teenagers from Halloween show up, the other kids run away, and the teenagers grab Greg and Rowley. They make Rowley eat the infamous cheese from the basketball court, only making Greg touch it beforehand because he tells them he is allergic to dairy. The next day, when someone notices that the cheese is gone, Greg says he ate it, even though he knows he will be ostracized for having the Cheese Touch.