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To what country did Torvald need to travel for his health?

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From whom did Nora borrow money?

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What does the black cross on Dr. Rank’s calling card signify?

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How many children do Torvald and Nora have?

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Which of the following nicknames is not a nickname Torvald uses for Nora?

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Whom did Mrs. Linde abandon for a richer man?

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Whom did Mrs. Linde work many years to support?

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How did Dr. Rank get his disease?

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Who helped raise Nora?

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What does Nora eat against Torvald’s wishes?

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Where is the play set?

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Whose signature did Nora forge?

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What is Mrs. Linde’s first name?

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What crime earned Krogstad his bad reputation?

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To what does Nora compare herself at the end of the play?

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With whom is Dr. Rank secretly in love?

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During what holiday is the play set?

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What does Nora do too wildly and too violently for Torvald’s taste?

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How does Torvald learn about Nora’s forgery?

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How does Nora feel about Dr. Rank?

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What does Torvald tease Nora about at the beginning of the play?

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What does Nora expect Torvald to do when he learns about her forgery?

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What kind of party do the Helmers attend?

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What will be the benefit of Torvald’s new job at the bank?

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What is the last thing the audience of A Doll’s House hears?