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A Doll’s House

Henrik Ibsen

Act Three, continued

Quotes Act Three, continued
Listen to me, Nora. You don’t seem to realize. It’s over! Why are you looking so pale? Ah, my poor little Nora, I understand. You can’t believe that I have forgiven you. But I have, Nora. I swear it to you. I have forgiven you everything. I know that what you did you did for your love of me.
I mean, then I passed from papa’s hands into yours. You arranged everything the way you wanted it, so that I simply took over your taste in everything – or pretended I did – I don’t really know – I think it was a little of both – first one and then the other. Now I look back on it, it’s as if I’ve been living here like a pauper, from hand to mouth. I performed tricks for you, and you gave me food and drink.
Nora: (picks up her bag) Oh, Torvald! Then the miracle of miracles would have to happen. Helmer: The miracle of miracles! Nora: You and I would both have to change so much that – oh, Torvald, I don’t believe in miracles any longer.