Oh, one has a little influence, you know. Just because one’s a woman it doesn’t necessarily mean that – When one is in a humble position, Mr. Krogstad, one should think twice before offending someone who – hm!
The problem, Mrs. Helmer, is that your father signed this paper three days after his death.
Hasn’t a daughter the right to shield her father from worry and anxiety when he’s old and dying? Hasn’t a wife the right to save her husband’s life? I don’t know much about the law, but there must be something somewhere that says that such things are allowed.
Aha! So little Miss Independent’s in trouble and needs a man to rescue her, does she?
And yet this fellow Krogstad has been sitting at home all these years poisoning his children with his lies and pretences. That’s why I say that, morally speaking, he is dead.