Now that the white men had come back, I could not think of what I would do when I went across the sea, or make picture in my mind of the white men and what they did there, or see my people who had been gone so long. Nor, thinking of the past, of the many summers and winters and springs that had gone, could I see each of them. They were all one, a tight feeling in my breast and nothing more.

This quotation comes from chapter twenty-nine, is in many ways related to above lines from chapter 25. This quotation, like the last one, shows that Karana's days on the island have all melded together. However, now that the white men have come for Karana, she is being thrust back into the time of the rest of the world. This quotation also shows that Ghalas-at had become Karana's world during the time she stayed there. Now that she is leaving, she cannot imagine a life outside the one she has know for so long.