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How are Bilbo and Frodo Baggins related?

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Which birthday does Bilbo celebrate at the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring?

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What effect does Bilbo’s ring have on its wearer?

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How did Bilbo come into possession of his ring?

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To which of the following is the landscape of the Shire most similar?

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Which of the following hobbits does not set out on the quest with Frodo?

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How many Black Riders are there?

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What type of tree ensnares Merry in the Old Forest?

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What are Tom Bombadil’s origins?

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What is the name of the inn at Bree?

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Which important character do the hobbits meet at the inn?

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What is the name of the fiery mountain where the One Ring was forged?

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Of what races are Legolas and Gimli, respectively?

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What is Legolas’s weapon of choice?

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Moria was once an ancient realm of which race?

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Which terrible creature does Gandalf battle during the journey through Moria?

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What are Gandalf’s final words before he falls into the chasm?

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Over which realm does Galadriel rule?

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Which of the following does Frodo not see in Galadriel’s mirror?

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Why does Galadriel reufse the Ring when Frodo offers it?

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To which city does Boromir suggest the Fellowship go?

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What are lembas?

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Which creature does Aragorn assert has been following the Fellowship throughout the journey?

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Which of the following best characterizes Boromir’s attitude toward the Ring?

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With which companion does Frodo set out at the end of The Fellowship of the Ring?