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What river flows past Uruk?

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How was The Epic of Gilgamesh preserved?

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When did the real Gilgamesh live?

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Why did the gods create Enkidu?

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Who introduces Enkidu to civilization?

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Who guards the Cedar Forest?

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Why does Gilgamesh spurn Ishtar?

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Which god supports Gilgamesh’s incursion into the Cedar Forest?

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Gilgamesh dreams that a mountain falls on top of him and Enkidu. What does Enkidu say this dream foretells?

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What does the Bull of Heaven bring to the city of Uruk?

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Why does Enkidu curse the temple prostitute?

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Why does Enkidu bless the temple prostitute?

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What garments are the dead people wearing in Enkidu’s dream about the underworld?

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Who is the queen of the underworld?

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Why does Gilgamesh leave Uruk after Enkidu dies?

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How does Gilgamesh get to the other side of the twin-peaked mountain called Mashu?

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What are the Stone Things?

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How does Urshanabi’s boat cross the Waters of Death?

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What advice does Siduri the tavern keeper give to Gilgamesh?

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How did Utnapishtim find out that the gods were planning to destroy the world with a flood?

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What test does Utnapishtim give to Gilgamesh, to see if he is worthy of eternal life?

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What is the name of the magical plant that Utnapishtim tells Gilgamesh about?

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Who steals the magical plant?

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Who is Sin-Leqi-Unninni?

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What fell through the hole in the floor of the Carpenter’s House?