Brian is Jeannette’s younger brother and is perhaps the sibling she’s closest to during her childhood. Jeannette and Brian share a love of exploration and adventure, and often spend their time journeying through the desert together and discovering interesting things. Brian shows himself to be an exceedingly loyal and brave brother when, after Jeannette is physically bullied by several female classmates, Brian takes on all the girls at once in a fight, eventually leading to him being pummeled. But Brian doesn’t complain about his injuries – his pride in his own actions and his sense of moral integrity in difficult situations keep him from being too upset by his beating. Plus, his willingness to endure pain to protect Jeannette solidifies their bond forever. While Brian is generally a sweet and obedient child, the loyalty he has toward the family at large doesn’t always extend to his father. As Brian ages, he becomes the first sibling to challenge Rex outright. While Lori questions their parents’ beliefs and lifestyle to Jeannette in private, Brian occasionally can’t hold back from criticizing his father. Rex doesn’t generally respond well to his critiques, so Brian doesn’t get far with them, but it’s clear that even as a young boy, he’s more than aware of his father’s faults. Some of Brian’s awareness stems from his gender – as a boy, he’s naturally more informed on male behavior and is sometimes invited on expeditions with Rex that his wife and daughters are not included in. For instance, Brian learns far earlier than Jeannette that their father is sleeping with prostitutes, and even tags along with Rex on these visits, reading comic books while his father has sex in the adjoining room.

In his teenage years, Brian remains as steadfast and practical as he was in childhood. He generally stays out of the family drama as much as possible, focusing on his school life and friends, but his loyalty to his sisters never wavers, and he immediately begins depositing money into their shared pot when he learns of their plan to send Lori to New York City. In adulthood, Brian succeeds in becoming a police officer, a career he’d been set on since he’d witnessed a police officer break up a particularly nasty fight between his parents. The fact that Brian dedicated himself to a future in law enforcement after only this one encounter illustrates how deeply he craved order in his chaotic and unstable life.