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What is Jeannette doing when she sees Mom on the streets of New York City?

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What is Jeannette doing when her tutu catches fire?

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What does Dad call it when he checks Jeannette out of the hospital without paying?

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What does Dad call moving towns in the middle of the night?

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Which “star” does Jeannette pick out as her Christmas gift?

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What is the Green Lantern?

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What gift does Billy Deel give to Jeannette?

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What job does Mom get to help pay the bills?

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When does Lori decide she wants to become an artist?

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What big request does Jeannette make for her 10th birthday?

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What event leads Dinitia and Jeannette to become friends?

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What street do the Wallses move to after leaving Erma’s?

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Why is Ginnie Sue Pastor an outcast in Welch?

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Why doesn’t Jeannette like to use the neighborhood pool in Welch?

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Why does Jeannette join the school paper?

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What does Jeannette steal from the jewelry store and then return?

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What does Dad show Jeannette before she leaves Welch?

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What is the name of the Brooklyn newspaper where Jeannette has an internship?

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What event causes Jeannette to encourage Maureen to come to New York City?

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How much does Dad contribute for Jeannette’s tuition at Barnard?

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What career does Brian pursue?

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How much is Mom’s oil-rich property in Texas likely worth?

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What causes Maureen to spend a year in a psychiatric unit?

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How does Dad die?

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What does Jeannette’s husband, John, think of her scars?