1. How does Jeannette’s relationship with Dad change over the course of the memoir and why?

2. Dad never starts construction on the Glass Castle he promised to build his family. Why is “The Glass Castle” still an appropriate title for the memoir?

3. Dinitia Hewitt appears briefly and sporadically, but she appears to be Jeannette’s only significant childhood friend. In what ways does Dinitia affect Jeannette’s development?

4. At the end of the memoir, the family toasts to Dad’s life despite all he’s put them through. Why are their feelings toward Dad so complicated?

5. Jeannette, Lori, and Brian all forge successful lives for themselves that appear to share little in common with the lives their parents choose. What, if anything, have they taken from their parents and their upbringing?

6. What do the men Jeannette dates in her life reveal about her changing values, and how does her past affect her choices and decisions?