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1. What is Wang Lung’s reaction upon first seeing O-lan?

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2. What does O-lan think of Wang Lung in the early days of their marriage?

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3. What does The Good Earth reveal about the status of women in traditional Chinese culture?

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4. Why can’t Wang Lung refuse his uncle’s demands?

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5. Why does Wang Lung rent the House of Hwang?

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6. How does Wang Lung deal with the problems his uncle causes him?

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7. What does Wang Lung do with O-lan’s two pearls?

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8. Why does Wang Lung rise to wealth and influence?

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9. What happens to the second infant daughter born to Wang Lung and O-lan?

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10. Which of the following best characterizes Wang Lung’s religion?

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11. How does Wang Lung resemble Old Master Hwang?

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12. Judging from The Good Earth, what color has special significance in traditional Chinese culture?

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13. Why is Wang Lung so devastated by Ching’s death?

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14. Why is there so much hostility between Wang Lung’s two oldest sons?

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15. What happens to Wang Lung’s third son?

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16. What happens to Wang Lung’s intellectually disabled daughter?

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17. How does Wang Lung feel about his affair with Pear Blossom?

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18. How do Wang Lung’s sons feel about his affair with Pear Blossom?

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19. Which of the following best describes Wang Lung’s relationship with his sons?

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20. Why does O-lan hate Cuckoo?

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21. When does Wang Lung come to appreciate everything that O-lan has done for him?

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22. In The Good Earth, what is the only good thing that truly lasts?

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23. When Wang Lung is ready to get married, why does his father oppose his choice of a pretty woman?

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24. Why does Wang Lung send his younger daughter to her future husband’s family so early?

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25. When Lotus comes to Wang Lung’s household, what is her primary purpose?