The owner of InGen and a well-known dinosaur fanatic, Hammond invests many years and millions of dollars into the project of cloning dinosaurs. Although his love of the ancient creatures seems sincere, Hammond is also determined to turn the idea into a huge profit. This greed often seems to hamper his judgment, especially when the park starts malfunctioning and several of the people on the island express a desire to shut it down. Hammond is particularly annoyed at the predictions Malcolm makes about the park's inevitable failure. The fact that Malcolm is allowed to visit the island at all betrays the fact that Gennaro has forced Hammond into bringing a team of outside experts in to evaluate his park. Hammond, on the other hand, would like Grant and Sattler to believe that they are there merely as his friends, for social outing and sneak- peek at his park.

Though Hammond claims to have created the park for the children of the world, he modifies this statement by admitting that only the world's richest kids would ever get to see his dinosaurs. Ultimately, all Hammond wants is to make a lot of money. Even after witnessing all the death and destruction his scheme causes on Isla Nublar, he still intends to create another park with the frozen embryos he has in storage. The fact that his death is brought about, albeit accidentally, by his own grandchildren is an ironic final twist.