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What kind of dinosaur is Dr. Grant excavating in Montana?

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Dr. Malcolm espouses which scientific theory?

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How many species of dinosaur live in Jurassic Park?

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Who is responsible for the rabies outbreak in Chile?

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Which character is NOT skeptical about the future of Jurassic Park?

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What is the problem with the park's computer system that tallies the number of animals?

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Besides escaping the dinosaurs, why do Grant and the kids need to get back to the control room?

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Why does Gennaro stay with Dr. Harding, Dr. Sattler, and the sick stegosaurus rather than go on with the rest of the tour?

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By the end of the novel, which dinosaur species is presumed to have attacked Tina?

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How does Grant escape the tyrannosaurus?

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Where does most of the dinosaur DNA used in the park come from?

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What does Grant finally conclude about the strange behavior he observes in the velociraptor nest?