The Main Road

As the storm begins to gather force, the electric cars stall outside of the tyrannosaur paddock. Looking around with a pair of night vision goggles, Tim spots the tyrannosaur clutching the fence with its forearms and realizes that the electricity has been cut off. Regis runs from the car, abandoning the children. The tyrannosaur attacks the car, picking it up and throwing it. Malcolm runs from the other car, but is caught by the dinosaur. Grant gets out of the car and the dinosaur spots him, but he realizes that the animal cannot see him if he remains completely still. The t-rex knocks the car over in frustration, which tosses Grant into the air.


Harding, Sattler, and Gennaro are forced to take a longer route back to the resort building because a tree has fallen in their path.


Nedry gets lost in the storm on his way to the dock and is killed by a venom-spitting dilophosaur.


Hammond and Wu sit in Hammond's bungalow and have dinner and ginger ice cream. Hammond laments that he may never see the day the children of the world enjoy his park. When Wu suggests that recent events indicate Hammond might have to change his park, Hammond launches into a tirade that no one can stop him from making as much money as he wants from his island. Meanwhile, security cannot find Nedry. Dr. Harding and company follow a group of compys that are off to scavenge a recently killed animal...


Tim narrowly escapes from the tree his Land Rover has landed in and finds Lex hiding in a drainpipe. Back in the lab, Wu realizes that frog DNA was used in all of the species that are reproducing.


Grant finds Tim and Lex. Regis emerges from hiding, but the other, more juvenile t-rex appears from the foliage and eats him. The others run for their lives.