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1Who narrates the novel?

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2What does Kevin do for a living?

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3Who is Nigel’s father?

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4What happens to Sarah’s children?

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5How does Dana get to the past?

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6Why does Rufus sell Sam?

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7Which one of the following does Dana NOT save Rufus from?

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8Why does Alice become a slave?

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9Whose mother is still alive when Dana makes her last trip to the South?

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10Where do Kevin and Dana meet?

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11How does Rufus break his leg?

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12What does Margaret throw at Dana?

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13Who is Jake Edwards?

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14Why do the slaves have a party?

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15Which one of the following nearly kills Rufus?

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16On which day does Dana first travel to the past?

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17On which day does Dana travel to the past for the final time?

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18How does Dana lose her arm?

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19Why does Margaret think Dana is a man?

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20Who is NOT born during the novel?

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21Why does Kevin believe Carrie is mentally delayed?

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22How does Weylin die?

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23How does Rufus die?

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24Of the following, who is never enslaved?

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25Which one of the following is NOT one of the reasons Dana stabs Rufus?