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Who begins the narration of the novel?

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With what condition is Pearl afflicted?

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Who are Tessa and Cleo?

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Who is Peanut?

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Who does not know about Pearl's condition?

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For what purpose has Auntie Helen invited the entire family to a celebration at the beginning of the novel?

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Who is Jimmy Louie?

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What event occurs the day after Bao-Bao's engagement party?

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With whom does Winnie grow up after her mother leaves?

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Why does Winnie hate Wen Fu?

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Who narrates the majority of the novel?

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Who gives Winnie the name Winnie?

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What does Auntie Du leave Pearl in her will?

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Where does Winnie meet Jimmy Louie?

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Who is Danru?

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Who is Pearl's real father?

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What does the word taonan mean?

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What is Helen's relationship to Winnie?

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Why does Helen say that it is time for family secrets to be told?

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How did Winnie meet Wan Betty?

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Who was Mochou?

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Why does Winnie's servant girl want to leave the house?

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Who was Min?

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What does Min teach Winnie?

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What was Winnie's secret place when she lived with Old Aunt and New Aunt?

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What does Winnie give her daughter at the end of the novel?