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Where was Malcolm X born?

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Why did white people murder Earl Little?

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With whom does Malcolm live in Lansing?

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In eighth grade, what does Malcolm declare he wishes to become?

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Who does Malcolm first meet in Boston after he moves in with Ella?

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Where does Malcolm land his first job in Boston?

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Who raises Laura?

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Why does Malcolm leave Laura?

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Why does Malcolm first get a railroad job?

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What is Malcolm’s first job in New York?

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In Harlem, by what name does Malcolm become known?

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How does Malcolm initially try to evade the narcotics squad?

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Of what does West Indian Archie accuse Malcolm?

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How does Malcolm decide to support himself after he moves back to Boston?

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At Massachusetts State Prison, what do the other inmates call Malcolm?

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Who converts Malcolm to Islam?

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Where does Malcolm go after being released from prison?

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Where does Malcolm first see Elijah Muhammad?

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What is Malcolm’s first official post in the Nation of Islam?

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Who is Malcolm X’s future wife?

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On which program does the Nation of Islam first appear on network television?

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What is Malcolm shocked to learn that Elijah Muhammad has done?

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After breaking with the Nation of Islam, what organization does Malcolm X found?

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What does Malcolm do to his hair in order to blend into white society?

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Toward the end of his life, what does Malcolm believe?