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Who makes Esperanza feel ashamed of her previous house by making her point it out while she is playing in the street?

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Who pushes Esperanza into the water in front of a fire hydrant?

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Who does Esperanza decide to let live in the attic of her dream house?

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When Esperanza talks about clouds and hips with her friends, how does she describe them?

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What do Esperanza and her friends do to imitate grown-ups?

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Which one of these women does NOT spend her days sitting by the window?

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Who is the first person to whom Esperanza recites one of her poems?

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What is Esperanza’s first job?

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Where is Esperanza’s father from?

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What does Esperanza’s name mean in Spanish?

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Why did Esperanza’s mother drop out of school?

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What do the three sisters tell Esperanza at the wake?

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Which of Esperanza’s friends also writes poetry?

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Where is Esperanza when a group of boys sexually assaults her?

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Which character does not speak English?

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Who is the object of Esperanza’s first crush?

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Why does Cathy agree to be Esperanza’s friend only until Tuesday?

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In what way is Nenny similar to Esperanza?

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Which of the following is NOT a reason that hips are useful, according to Esperanza, Rachel, and Lucy?

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How does Esperanza decide to defy social conventions at home?

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With what object or objects in the neighborhood does Esperanza identify most closely?

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What does Nenny want to buy in Gil’s junk shop?

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What does Esperanza yearn for above all else?

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Which of Esperanza’s friends attends college?

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Why doesn’t Esperanza want to dance at her cousin’s baptismal party?