Detective Guy Baker is a dynamic character in the book. Krakauer gives Baker more time and space than any other member of Missoula law enforcement. After Allison starts emailing him questions, Detective Baker guides Allison toward making her own decision about reporting Beau Donaldson to the police. Once Allison decides that she has to report Beau, Detective Baker works hard on her case. He is supportive of Allison in more personal matters as well. At Allison’s request, Detective Baker often appears with her at important meetings regarding her case.

But Detective Baker is far from perfect. He sometimes behaves, perhaps unconsciously, with insensitivity toward rape victims. When Kelsey Belnap reports being gang-raped to the Missoula police, for example, Detective Baker and his colleague make Kelsey feel as if she is “just another drunk girl.” He asks Belnap questions about her boyfriend, and looks for evidence to confirm incorrect stereotypes about rape.