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Why is Kevin Huguet so upset when Detective Baker asks to speak to Allison at the office Christmas party?

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Which of these seemingly counterintuitive things did Allison Huguet do after Beau Donaldson raped her?

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What convinces Allison to turn Beau into the police?

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How does Allison know Detective Baker?

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Why does Allison tape record two separate confessions for Beau Donaldson?

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What does a “preponderance of evidence” mean?

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Calvin Smith tells Kaitlyn Kelly everything is OK when he’s raping her because

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Why does Krakauer consider it unfair to call Missoula the “rape capital” of America?

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Who makes an ethically questionable decision to testify at Calvin Smith’s University Court hearing?

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Which of these inappropriate questions do Detectives Mark Blood and Guy Baker ask Kelsey Belnap about her gang rape?

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What does Cecilia Washburn say that is kept out of Jordan Johnson’s rape trial by Montana’s Rape Shield Law?

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What counterintuitive thing does Cecilia Washburn do after Jordan Johnson rapes her?

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Why is Pat Williams voted off the Montana Board of Regents?

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Which of these is not something Kirsten Pabst does to try and smear David Lisak’s educational testimony?

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Who ends up arguing on Allison Huguet’s behalf at Beau Donaldson’s plea hearing?

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Jordan Johnson is found not guilty of rape by the University of Montana after four appeals. How many times could Cecilia Washburn appeal the University’s decision?

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Why does Joanne Fargo say the jury reached a “not guilty” decision during Jordan Johnson’s case?

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What does the Dear Colleague Letter say colleges should use as the burden of proof when judging rape cases?

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With a sentence of “thirty years with twenty years suspended” how long does Beau Donaldson have to serve before he is eligible for parole?

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Why is Allison Huguet upset that she has to reappear at Beau Donaldson’s resentencing hearing after Beau is convicted?

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Who replaces Fred Van Valkenberg as Missoula County Attorney?

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Who does Jon Krakauer say deserves the lion’s share of the blame for the Missoula rape crisis?

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What percentage of rapes take place between people who are acquainted in some way?

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Why does Jon Krakauer say he wrote Missoula?

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How many universities were under federal investigation for mishandling rapes at the time of Missoula’s publication?