1. What are some of the signs or symbols of God’s covenant with humankind? How do they change over the course of the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Old Testament)?

2. Compare and contrast Moses and David as national and religious leaders of Israel. How are they alike in their responses to those who oppose them? How are they different?

3. Discuss some of the characters who experience a reversal of fortune in the Old Testament. What is common or unique about their experiences? What religious ideals does the Old Testament portray in their reversal?

4. What are some of the images used in biblical poetry to depict God, humans, and the conflict between good and evil? How do these metaphors continue the themes and motifs of the Old Testament?

5. Compare and contrast Abraham and his grandson Jacob as patriarchs, or fathers, of the Hebrew people. In what sense do their experiences foreshadow the struggles of the Israelites?