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Why does Cain kill his brother Abel?

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Which of the following is not a sign of God’s covenant, or promise, with Abraham?

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How does Jacob steal his brother Esau’s inheritance rights?

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How many sons does Jacob have?

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What is Jacob’s alternate name?

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From which catastrophe does Joseph save Egypt?

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How does God first appear to Moses?

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What object that God gives Moses allows him to perform signs and wonders?

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How does God feed the Israelites in the desert?

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Why does Moses break the stone tablets inscribed with God’s commandments at Mount Sinai?

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Why does God curse the Israelites to wander the desert for forty years before entering the promised land?

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What do Moses and Joshua forbid the Israelites to do in the promised land?

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Who betrays Samson to the Philistines?

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Why does God reject Saul as king of Israel?

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Why does the prophet Nathan rebuke David?

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What does David bring to Jerusalem to bless the religious city?

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How does Absalom flaunt his brief overthrow of David’s throne?

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What event triggers the division of Israel into two kingdoms?

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Who is Elisha?

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What do the deaths of King Ahab and his wife Jezebel have in common?

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Which Jewish festival results from the events in Esther?

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Which of the following is not one of Israel’s judges?

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What does King Solomon do in Israel?

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What is one of the main criteria in Leviticus for living in the Israelite camp?

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Why does God reprimand Job?