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Who runs the home for young orphans where Oliver lives for nine years?

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How does Oliver violate the rules of the workhouse?

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What is Mr. Gamfield’s profession?

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What is Mr. Sowerberry’s profession?

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How does Noah Claypole incur Oliver’s wrath?

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What is Jack Dawkins’s nickname?

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Of what ethnicity is Fagin?

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Mr. Brownlow notices that Oliver bears a close resemblance to whom?

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What does Nancy pretend to be in order to drag Oliver back to Fagin?

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Who comes to Oliver’s defense after Fagin recaptures him?

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Who is shot in the attempted burglary of the Maylie house?

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Which character falls deathly ill in the countryside?

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Why does Mr. Bumble propose to Mrs. Corney?

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What did Old Sally steal from Agnes Fleming?

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Why does Rose refuse to marry Harry Maylie?

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To whom does the dog Bull’s-eye belong?

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What is Nancy’s profession?

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Where does Nancy meet Rose and Brownlow?

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What image haunts Bill Sikes after he commits murder?

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Which three characters are all related to Oliver?

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Where does Oliver last see Fagin?

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Which character’s real name is Edward Leeford?

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Which character is subject to violent spasmodic fits?

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Which of the following novels did Dickens not write?

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Dickens wrote Oliver Twist in response to what piece of legislation?