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1. In the opening dialogue of the novel, who is most open to the possibility of Indian-English friendship?

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2. Why is Aziz at the mosque where he meets Mrs. Moore?

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3. How does Aziz sense Mrs. Moore is sympathetic to him?

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4. Why, at the beginning of the novel, is Adela Quested dissatisfied with her visit to India?

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5. Why does Turton throw the Bridge Party?

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6. Who runs their horse into the flowers at the Bridge Party?

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7. What is the main reason Aziz decides not to attend the Bridge Party?

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8. What disconcerts Ronny about his mother’s story about meeting a young man in the mosque?

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9. Which of the following does not upset Mrs. Moore on the day of Fielding’s tea party?

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10. Which of the following does not cause Adela to change her mind and become engaged to Ronny?

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11. How does Fielding shock the Indians in Aziz’s sickroom?

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12. How does Aziz show Fielding that he considers Fielding like a brother to him?

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13. What event, prior to the visit to the caves, prompts Adela’s and Mrs. Moore’s feelings of emotional emptiness?

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14. Which of the following does not disturb Mrs. Moore in the Marabar Caves?

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15. What makes Fielding suspicious during the trip to the caves?

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16. Why does McBryde believe that Indians are criminal?

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17. What does Fielding do that angers the members of the Englishmen’s club?

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18. What prompts Adela to suddenly proclaim Aziz innocent?

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19. Why is Aziz upset during his own victory celebration?

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20. Why is Fielding upset with Aziz after the trial?

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21. In which European country does Fielding stop and admire the architecture on the way back to England?

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22. What religion provides the backdrop for Part III of A Passage to India?

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23. With what character is this religion associated?

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24. Through which character does Aziz renew his friendship with Fielding?

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25. Which of the following is not a title of one of the three parts of A Passage to India?