Ron is one of Harry's best friends at Hogwarts, and has five older brothers and one younger sister. As a member of such a large family, Ron is rarely the center of attention. Ron feels valued by Harry and doesn't seem to mind that Harry gets more attention than he does on a regular basis, although he sometimes feels envious. At one point, after Harry has been chosen as a Triwizard champion, Ron jealously refuses to speak with Harry for quite a long time. Although Ron is usually notably loyal to his friends, he is frequently causing trouble, either because he is jealous of Harry, or because he appears to have a hopeless crush on Hermione.

Ron's father is a highly-ranked member of the Ministry of Magic and his family is backed by generations of pure wizard blood, but Ron is often picked on by Malfoy for wearing tattered robes, living in an old house, not having a rich father. He is adventurous, like Harry, and somewhat mischievous but always with good intentions. Ron has a wry, skeptical sense of humor; if Harry is the bold leader of their trio and Hermione the textbook brain, Ron often acts as the fiery and sarcastic jester.