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"Tom"'s attitude toward "Chambers" when the two are young can best be described as:

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Just before Percy Driscoll's death, Roxy is:

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Dawson's Landing is in which state?

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Who is Chambers's biological father?

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Who of the following characters win(s) in the town election?

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The twins claim to have toured the world as:

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After Percy Driscoll's death, Roxy works as a:

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Which of the following is not one of Pudd'nhead Wilson's activities?

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Who of the following does Roxy claim as ancestors?

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What is the name of the town where most of the novel takes place?

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Which of the following reasons motivate(s) "Tom" to sell Roxy "down the river"?

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After their initial appearance, the twins first impress the town by:

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Pudd'nhead Wilson comes to Dawson's Landing from:

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The Indian knife is given to the twins by:

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"Tom" gets into trouble by:

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The judge refuses to fight a duel with Luigi because Luigi is an assassin and therefore:

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For which office does Pudd'nhead Wilson run?

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As children, "Chambers" saves "Tom" from:

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Judge Driscoll, Colonel Essex, Pembroke Howard, and the other town leaders are proud that their ancestors came from:

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Between what years do the events of the novel take place?

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What is "Tom"'s ultimate punishment for killing Judge Driscoll?

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Which character(s) is/are injured in the first duel?

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Roxy is singled out for harsh treatment on the plantation because of:

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Tom Driscoll is named after: