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Alphonso never revealed that Celie and Nettie were not his biological children because:

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What drug does Grady enjoy?

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Why is a road being built through the Olinka village?

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Who tries to convince the warden to release Sophia?

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Why do Nettie and her family return to the United States?

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How does Nettie end up at Mr. ______’s house?

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Why does Harpo gain weight?

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In what context is the color purple mentioned in the novel?

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What is Celie’s daughter’s name?

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Why did Albert (Mr. ---______) never marry Shug?

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Why does Sofia get into trouble with the mayor?

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Why does Corrine suspect that Samuel and Nettie once had an affair?

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What painful process does Tashi undergo while still in Africa?

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Which of Nettie’s travel destinations impresses her because of its high black culture?

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What is Squeak’s real name?

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What does Celie name her sewing business?

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How does Shug suggest Celie reimagine God?

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Why does Celie move from Tennessee to Georgia at the end of the novel?

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What is Shug’s career?

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When does Shug believe a woman stops being a virgin?

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What is Miss Millie’s daughter’s name?

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How does Celie persuade Shug to stay a little longer at Mr. ______’s house?

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Who is Suzie Q?

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Who convinces Mr. ______ that Celie needs new clothes?

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At the end of the novel, Celie decides that although she is older, she feels: