1. How did Archibald Craven's wife die?

2. Who helps Mary find the key to the secret garden?

3. Mary thinks that Colin Craven is like:

4. Misselthwaite Manor is located:

5. Archibald Craven sends Mary a number of gifts. These DO NOT include:

6. Mary thinks of her mother's dresses as being:

7. Mary's mother does not leave India in time to escape the cholera because:

8. Martha and her family give Mary:

9. Dickon, Mary, and Colin learn their daily exercises from:

10. Archibald Craven's wife was named:

11. In one of Misselthwaite's many rooms, Mary finds a portrait of a girl who resembles herself. This girl is holding:

12. Dickon's crow is named:

13. Dickon's crow is named:

14. When Mary first goes wandering through Misselthwaite Manor, she finds:

15. Dickon is constantly accompanied by a menagerie of animals. These DO NOT include:

16. The door to the secret garden has been locked for:

17. The writing of The Secret Garden was partially motivated by Frances Hodgson Burnett's interest in:

18. The Secret Garden was first published in:

19. The boy who first calls Mary "Quite Contrary" is named:

20. The first gardens which Mary explores at Misselthwaite are filled with:

21. In the secret garden, Mary, Dickon, Colin, and Ben Weatherstaff sing a song together. It is called:

22. Dickon is compared to:

23. In the Yorkshire dialect that Dickon speaks, this word is used to mean "alive":

24. When Colin grows up, he hopes to:

25. Susan Sowerby compares the world to: