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The Secret Garden

Further Study

Full Book Quiz

Further Study Full Book Quiz

1. How did Archibald Craven's wife die?

2. Who helps Mary find the key to the secret garden?

3. Mary thinks that Colin Craven is like:

4. Misselthwaite Manor is located:

5. Archibald Craven sends Mary a number of gifts. These DO NOT include:

6. Mary thinks of her mother's dresses as being:

7. Mary's mother does not leave India in time to escape the cholera because:

8. Martha and her family give Mary:

9. Dickon, Mary, and Colin learn their daily exercises from:

10. Archibald Craven's wife was named:

11. In one of Misselthwaite's many rooms, Mary finds a portrait of a girl who resembles herself. This girl is holding:

12. Dickon's crow is named:

13. Dickon's crow is named:

14. When Mary first goes wandering through Misselthwaite Manor, she finds:

15. Dickon is constantly accompanied by a menagerie of animals. These DO NOT include:

16. The door to the secret garden has been locked for:

17. The writing of The Secret Garden was partially motivated by Frances Hodgson Burnett's interest in:

18. The Secret Garden was first published in:

19. The boy who first calls Mary "Quite Contrary" is named:

20. The first gardens which Mary explores at Misselthwaite are filled with:

21. In the secret garden, Mary, Dickon, Colin, and Ben Weatherstaff sing a song together. It is called:

22. Dickon is compared to:

23. In the Yorkshire dialect that Dickon speaks, this word is used to mean "alive":

24. When Colin grows up, he hopes to:

25. Susan Sowerby compares the world to: