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What kind of pet does Tibby have?

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How did the girls’ mothers meet?

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Which parent is deceased?

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What two girls travel the farthest from Bethesda, Maryland, during the summer?

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What is the name of Brian McBrian’s favorite video game?

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Why is Carmen so uncomfortable around Lydia, Krista, and Paul?

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What’s the obstacle that ultimately keeps Eric and Bridget apart?

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What’s wrong with Bailey?

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What sport does Carmen like to play?

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Why do Lena’s grandfather and Kostos’s grandfather fight?

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What kind of business did Lena’s grandparents run?

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At which of the following does Bridget not excel?

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Among the four girls, how many siblings are there?

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Where do the girls gather to hold their secret ceremonies?

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Who originally bought the Pants?

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Why does Carmen come home early?  

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What happens when Carmen tries on the bridesmaid’s dress?

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What does Bailey talk about when Tibby interviews her?  

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What is Kostos doing for the summer?

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What promise does Albert make to Carmen?

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What are Bailey’s last words to Tibby?

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How does Lena confess her feelings to Kostos?

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What happens during the big match between Los Tacos and Los Cocos?

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What is Mimi’s final resting place?

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What do the girls do to the Pants at the end of the summer?