Summary: Chapter 13

“Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you are a mile away from them, and you have their shoes.”

—Frieda Norris

Carmen, Lydia, and Krista go to a dressmaker to try on the wedding gown and dresses. Barbara, the dressmaker, is shocked that Carmen is related to Albert, and Carmen tells her snippily that her mother is Puerto Rican. Carmen’s bridesmaid dress doesn’t fit, and Barbara complains about having to fix it. Carmen, insulted by Barbara’s tone, storms out, insulting Lydia’s dress on the way.

At Wallman’s, Bailey compliments Tibby’s Pants, which she just received from Lena. Tibby tells her a little about what the girls have been doing. Bailey asks what happened to Bridget’s mother, and Tibby says she had “bad depression.” Bailey has started spending a lot of time with Tibby, even working on the movie in Tibby’s room while Tibby is at Wallman’s. Today, they interview Margaret, a woman who works at the movie theater. Margaret has worked there for more than thirty years and knows whole movie scenes by heart. Tibby is ready to inwardly mock her, but she then notices how tiny Margaret is. She and Bailey are both chastened. Bailey suggests they all watch a movie together. Tibby realizes that Margaret probably watches most movies alone.

Bridget sneaks to Eric’s cabin late at night. Along the way, she remembers what a psychiatrist once wrote about her: that she was “single-minded to the point of recklessness.” At the cabin, she accidentally wakes Eric up. He chastises her for coming over, but, half-asleep, he doesn’t pull away when Bridget touches his head and chest. Then he tells her to leave because he can’t deal with it. Bridget interprets this as encouragement.

Summary: Chapter 14

“Time tells the truth.”

—Fortune cookie

Bailey wants Tibby to interview her for the movie, and she tells Tibby to ask her hard questions. Tibby asks Bailey what she’s afraid of, and Bailey says she fears not having time to figure out other people or for them to figure her out. Tibby sends the Pants to Carmen with a note that says she isn’t really sure yet what to make of her time with them.

Lena’s grandmother is upset because Kostos’s family is ignoring her. Lena feels guilty to have shattered her illusions about Kostos, but she still can’t tell the truth. Her grandmother hints that Kostos has suffered some kind of hardship. When Lena finally tells Effie what happened, Effie says she feels sorry for Kostos.

Bridget tries to call Tibby, but the connection is bad and the housekeeper, Loretta, says Tibby isn’t home.