Summary: Chapter 11

“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. Got that?”

—Coach Brevin

At the hospital, Lena’s grandfather gets stitches on his cheek. In the fray, a drop of blood got on the Pants, and Lena tries to wash it off. She feels guilty for making her grandparents think Kostos attacked her, and she tells herself she’ll explain everything soon.

Bridget writes to Lena about being too aggressive during the game and that she feels powerless in the face of her hormones when it comes to Eric.

Bailey surprises Tibby at home and tells her she wants to help with the movie. Tibby declines, since she hasn’t even started the movie yet. Bailey asks if she can hold Mimi, then lifts her out of her box. Bailey guilt-trips Tibby into letting her help. She asks Tibby why her siblings are so much younger, and Tibby explains how her parents were once radical but aren’t anymore. Bailey suggests that Tibby was their “experiment,” which Tibby feels is true.

Lena writes to Tibby and tells her what happened with Kostos.

Carmen, alone in the kitchen, spots Krista’s geometry homework. She loves proofs, so she finishes the rest. Paul sees her, but he doesn’t ask any questions. The next day, Krista tries to find out who did her homework, but Paul doesn’t tell on Carmen. He leaves mysteriously. Lydia tells Carmen the wedding reception will now be in their backyard, but Carmen doesn’t care. She and her father go to play tennis, and Albert tells her that Paul went to visit his father, with whom Krista and Lydia have no contact. Carmen feels angry that they’ve abandoned their family.

Bailey tells Tibby she’s set up an interview with a kid who hangs out in an arcade and gets high scores on video games.