Summary: Chapter 7

“When life hands you a lemon, say, ‘Oh yeah. I like lemons. What else ya got?’”

—Henry Rollins

Lena has breakfast with her grandfather, but they can’t talk to each other. She thinks she looks like him, with his small nose. She puts on the Pants and sets off with her paints. She runs into Kostos but walks in the opposite direction.

Bridget writes to Tibby, claiming she’d hate the soccer camp since it’s very peppy. She also says she’s in love with a coach, even though it’s forbidden.

At Wallman’s, Tibby realizes that she forgot to return the girl’s wallet. The girl’s name is Bailey Graffman, and Tibby finds a Graffman in the phone book and goes to the house, where Mrs. Graffman sends her up to Bailey’s room. Bailey accuses her of stealing her money. Tibby sarcastically stands up for herself, and Bailey responds equally sharply. Tibby finds out that Bailey is actually twelve. Mrs. Graffman calls up and tells Bailey she should take her medicine. Tibby goes to get it, and Mrs. Graffman reveals that Bailey has leukemia. Tibby tries to be nicer to Bailey, who gets upset because she knows that Tibby now knows she’s sick.

Lena writes to Carmen about Greece. She mentions Kostos but dismisses the idea of dating him.

Carmen sits by herself at a party, miserable. She went to the party with Krista and Paul to make Albert happy, but she knew she would have an awful time. Paul introduces her to his girlfriend, Kelly, and Carmen says she lives with Paul just to make Kelly suspicious.

Summary: Chapter 8

“I have seen the future and it’s like the present, only longer.”

—Dan Quisenberry

Tibby helps her mother feed her baby brother, Nicky, while her mother feeds the other baby, Katherine. Tibby remembers when her mother was a sculptor and her dad was a public defender. Their house was less fancy then. When her mother became a real estate agent and her dad became a private lawyer, everything changed. Tibby wants to tell her mom about Bailey, but feeding the kids is too chaotic.