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Why does Junior say he was bullied as a child on the Spokane reservation?

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How does Junior’s sisters spend her days after graduating from Willpinit High?

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What does Junior do to his geometry teacher, Mr. P?

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What does Junior say is the worst thing about being poor?

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Which of these is NOT one of Junior’s nicknames on the reservation?

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When do Junior and Penelope have their first major conversation?

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What does Rowdy’s dad say when Junior delivers a cartoon for Rowdy to Rowdy’s house?

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What does Gordy say Junior should get from books?

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What does Roger do after Junior punches him in the face for his racist joke?

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Who stitches Junior’s forehead during the first Wellpinit versus Reardan basketball game?

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How does Mary leave the reservation after Junior decides to go to Reardan?

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How does Penelope find out that Junior is poor?

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Which of the following is NOT a reason that Reardan beats Wellpinit in their second basketball match up?

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Who gives Junior a ride home after the winter formal?

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What does Ted try to return to the Spirit family at Junior’s grandmother’s funeral?

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Why does Eugene get shot in the face outside 7-Eleven?

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How does Junior find out Mary dies?

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Who does Junior run into in the woods during Mary’s funeral?

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In what subject is Junior’s worst grade on his Reardan report card?

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What would Junior’s dad have been if he had more opportunity?

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What is the outcome of Reardan’s successful basketball season?

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After Mary dies, what does Junior’s mom make him promise?

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What does Junior say makes all unhappy families on the reservation alike?

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According to Junior’s dad’s story, what happens after some Native Americans burn Stupid Horse’s body?

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How does the novel end?