Tariq, Laila’s childhood crush and eventual husband, is a foil to Rasheed’s character. Tariq is a gentle man who uses a prosthetic leg to walk, his real leg having been taken by a landmine. Despite this tragedy, Tariq maintains a just view of the world. As a child he is very lighthearted, but as he grows older and experiences the effects of Afghanistan’s political conflicts, he becomes extremely resilient. He adapts when it is required of him, indicated by when he flees with his family from Kabul to Pakistan, and when he has to escape once again until he ends up at the hotel where he works at the end of the novel. Whereas Rasheed desires to possess and control Laila, Tariq displays his love through loyalty and respect. At many points in the novel, he attempts to persuade her to join him, but each time he respects Laila’s answer, whatever it is. Tariq treats Aziza and Zalmai as if both are his biological children. He loves his country just as Laila does, though they have a few differing beliefs. They ultimately find common ground in wanting to rebuild and make a home in Afghanistan.