1. Compare Captain Smollett’s leadership abilities to those of Long John Silver. The two men lead their crews in very different ways. What do their individual styles reveal about the two characters?

2. Jim never refers to the island as anything other than Treasure Island, but Treasure Island is only the voyagers’ private nickname for the place. Why doesn’t Jim or Stevenson reveal a more geographically accurate name for this island? Does this name change our perception of the place?

3. The only examples of religious activity in this novel occur toward the end. Why do you think Stevenson shows his characters’ religious side only near the end of their adventure?

4. Though there is nothing political or colonial about Squire Trelawney’s expedition, flags appear frequently in this novel. Since Treasure Island is not being claimed as a British territory, the function of the flags seems more symbolic than political. Why are flags so important in Treasure Island?

5. On Treasure Island, Jim earns the respect of his colleagues and successfully discovers the fortune he sought. In light of these successes, why does Jim nonetheless have an aversion to Treasure Island?