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What does Jim’s father do for a living?

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Why does Billy give Jim money each month?

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Where is Billy when he receives the black spot?

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In what century is Treasure Island set?

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What is Pew’s most noticeable physical feature?

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To whom does Jim first show the map?

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What is Long John Silver’s original job on the ship?

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Where is Jim when he overhears Silver’s plans for mutiny?

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Where does Jim encounter Ben Gunn?

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What does Jim hunt for after leaving Captain Smollett in the stockade?

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How does Jim move the ship away from the pirate camp?

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What is the name of Long John Silver’s parrot?

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Who is the first to discover Flint’s treasure on the island?

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How does Ben Gunn frighten the pirates?

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Who interrupts Jim’s narration to tell the story for a while?

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Whom does Jim fight on the ship when he sneaks on board?

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When the treasure was initially discovered, where was it taken immediately after its excavation?

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Why does Silver visit Smollett in the stockade?

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When the pirates hand Silver a black spot toward the end of the novel, what is its message?

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Which of the following characters does Silver take hostage?

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How does Billy Bones die?

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What does Hispaniola signify in the novel?

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What is the last clue guiding the pirates to the treasure site?

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What happens to Silver at the end of the novel?

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What flag does Smollett fly over the stockade?