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What is the llano?

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What is a vaquero?

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How old is Antonio at the start of the novel?

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In which war do Antonio’s brothers fight?

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What language do Antonio’s sisters prefer to speak?

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Who is with Antonio when he sees the golden carp?

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What do Antonio and Ultima do on their long walks together?

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How do most people characterize Narciso?

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Where does Antonio first see the golden carp?

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What kind of bird does Ultima have as a familiar?

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How does Tenorio kill Ultima?

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Which character does not believe in God?

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Which character drowns?

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Who kills Narciso?

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Who kills Lupito?

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Who kills the sheriff?

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Where does Gabriel hope to move his family?

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What does God say to Antonio during his first Communion?

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What are the Lunas?

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What sins does Florence say he has committed?

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Why does Antonio decide that Andrew is not a good model for him?

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Which character is the only person the Indian will talk to?

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Where does Antonio sleep in the house?

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What do Antonio’s sisters like to do for fun?

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Who buries the owl?