Bigwig is the strongest and toughest of Hazel's rabbits, and he does most of their fighting. Although Hazel does his best to avoid confrontations, there are still many instances when the group would be lost if not for Bigwig. He has the courage to stand up to any enemy, but also the good sense to run when necessary. Large, strong, and experienced, Bigwig manages to infiltrate the Efrafa warren and break out with a large group of does. Although it was extremely difficult for Bigwig to do so, he holds up under pressure and even manages to convince Woundwort that he is loyal. Despite all of the dangers surrounding the escape, Bigwig decides that he will not leave without Blackavar because he feels bad about the way the rabbit is treated. Bigwig is brave and fierce, but he is also just, and he does everything he can to help those who are weaker than him. Although Bigwig cannot come up with plans as elaborate as the ones Hazel or Blackberry devise, he uses cunning rather than force at critical moments. During his fight with Woundwort, with perhaps the fate of the entire warren at stake, Bigwig figures out a way to gain the edge that he needs to defeat a stronger, bigger opponent, using his brain, not his brawn.