Though General Woundwort is the antagonist in Watership Down, he nonetheless has some likable qualities. Like Bigwig, he is strong and fearless, and he takes greater risks than any of the rabbits who fight with him. Yet Woundwort has no pity, and he never thinks of nonviolent solutions to problems. Violence is the General's undoing in the end, and Bigwig is only able to defeat him in battle because he knows that Woundwort will be the first to come through, and therefore will fall victim to his trap. Woundwort thinks incredibly quickly and can organize his troops brilliantly in the heat of battle. He stands up to creatures that no rabbit would ever face; in fact, he never does act very much like a rabbit. Woundwort's violent and confrontational nature causes him to lose the fight at Hazel's warren, and it permits him from accepting Hazel's intelligent offer of a compromise.